All You Need To Know About Repairing Slab Leaks

If you are residing in a property that does not have crawl spaces, then you may have to face the chance of a concrete slab leak.  The concrete slab leak is a type of leak that involves water pipes above the foundation and the breaking of these pipes.  If you do not repair the leak immediately, it is possible that the problem will increase, and you may find a more detrimental problem than was originally perceived.  The repairs can be completed using a top rated plumbing service or independently.  Of course, as can be imagined, the former option can be very costly and by repairing the leak independently can reduce this expenditure.  This article will provide information regarding slab leaks and how to fix the leak yourself.

1. Find The Source Of The Problem

The first step to consider when repairing any slab leaks is to locate the source of the problem.  This can be both easy and challenging dependent on the type of the leak.  A hot water pipe leak can be found quite easily by walking around with bare feet and detecting the warm areas (which shouldn’t be warm).  Once you have found this leak it is necessary to lift the flooring to gain access to the problem area.  It is highly recommended that you raise flooring directly over the leak as a full lifting of the entire floor can be very costly.

2. Fixing The Leak

The next step after removing the concrete foundation is to fix the slab leak.  Once you have located the leaking area, it is necessary to turn off all water supply at the mains.  The problem is often caused by a damaged water pipe, and you will now be required to remove the damaged piece of pipe replacing it with a new pipe that is intact.  It is recommended that you tighten the damaged pipe before removing it completely to reduce any further leakage problems.  Once the pipe replacement has been completed, it is necessary to turn on the water supply and identify whether or not the leak is fixed.

3. Filling The Hole

The final step to an effective concrete slab leak is to fill the hole that was drilled in the concrete foundation.  This should be done a few days after the replacement of the pipe has been completed and sealed with builder’s adhesive after filled with replacement concrete.  This can be done by professionals, but it may be completed independently as the materials required are available at any hardware store.


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