All You Need To Know About Detecting Water Leaks in Orange County

One of the most common reasons for OC household construction problems is the neglect of the structure entirely.  A very well-known problem that many properties face, particularly during winter months in the Northern hemisphere, is the bursting of water pipes.  It is possible to detect and repair these problems using a professional technician; however, this can be rather costly and may be unaffordable for individuals working on a budget.  To overcome this financial difficulty, it is possible to complete the leak repair independently.  To resolve the problem, you must first find the issue and this can be done using electronic leak detection equipment.  This article will provide information on how to utilize the electronic leak detection equipment.

1. Locating The Problem

Sewer and drain pipe leaks are typically identified using sewer cameras; however, there is a simpler method of detection.  Contrary to popular belief, the electronic detection equipment is not to be utilized before any potential leak is identified.  Instead, the detection item should be used once a leak is found underneath a property’s concrete slab.  The signal of a concrete slab leak can be found using the ‘bar foot method’ whereby you can feel the difference in temperatures on the floor; for example, a cold water leak will provide a colder feeling in one area as compared to the rest of the floor.

2. Performing The Leak Detection

While it is possible to locate and control a slab leak with an electronic leak detection item, this type of leak detection equipment is found within refrigerators and other water-based appliances.  Research has indicated that the leak detector can find the overall leak and help an individual find the problem to fix it.  Traditionally the electronic detector would detect both water leaks and chemical leaks through a breakdown of different molecules in the appliance or leaking area.  This detection is often completed by an increase in positively charged chlorine or fluorine ions.  The heat from these molecules will trip the detector and indicate any leaking problems.

3. False Alarms

While the detection of leaks using an electronic leak detector is very effective, it is possible that there may be false alarms.  This is a great disadvantage of electronic leak detectors, but it is possible that the equipment will identify a leak that is not there.  Research has shown that the advanced electronic detector technology reduces the chance of these false alarms and will not detect additional chemicals that may compromise the problem detection.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are various factors to consider when choosing to use an electronic leak detector.  These are the most common items to detect leaks, but there are other options that can be reviewed.  Once of these items is the halide torch that detects leaks using a small flame.  If the chemicals have been compromised the flame will burn green; however, if there is no change in chemical production it will remain red. Using the information above can help you find the best plumbing contractor for your needs.


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